Monday, April 6, 2009

Bakers Waterfall of Sri Lanka

Baker's waterfall is one of very beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. This waterfalls is height about 22 meters. It is very beautiful because in various corners we can see various sceneries. The waterfall like steps, In top side we can see a pool and this point fall divide more than thousand of parts and made beautiful scenery in middle of the fall. Below the middle of fall there has another waterfall. It also very beautiful. Include all things and fall become the most beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka.
There has the tree which inside of Baker's Waterfall. It gives more valuable to fall. You can't take a photo without this tree. This fall is situate at Horton plains. If you travel to visit Worlds End via Horton plains don't miss to visit this place. Some person has missed to visit this place because they don't think there has very beautiful and very big this type of waterfall. How we believe this.
Bakers waterfall is Not a one and only waterfall of Horton plains. I
It is a most beautiful waterfall of Horton plains. Don't bath at this waterfall. You can travel any season of the year to this. You can camping at inside of Horton plains. First you should get permission from wild life department of Colombo. Some young go to bath in this place and they lost there valuable life. Mr. Samuwel Bakers who is British hunter had come to this place at 1845 AD. There fore this waterfall identifies Bakers waterfalls. There is a deep hole at the middle of this waterfall. There fore don't try to bath in this waterfall because many young's are dead at this place.

Demodara Bridge and Railway

Demodara is a very beautiful place for Sri Lankan and other many tourists because most beautiful railway station of Sri Lanka is at Demodara and also most beautiful and wonderful Railway 9arch bridge also at Demodara.
This station is some what different than other railway stations of world. Different is under the rail way station there is railway tunnel. This tunnel is directly under the railway station. The train comes through the tunnel and after travel about 400m gap which round way then comes to Station. What a wonderful?
In the time after 1920AD British government with Sri Lankan workers are created this rail way to Badulla station. There was a problem for create way after Demodara because there about 50gap to downside. All engineers choose to stop the road making. But Sri Lankan boy who was control cattles said to this way. The boy said about the road with his rope. By the way.. How ever today Demodara becomes most beautiful rail way station of Sri lanka.
And also Demodara has 9arch railway bridge. This bridge making idea also had Sri lankan man. The bridge is at between Demodara and Ella stations. Demodara is third rail way station from Badulla. Demodara has cool climate and less than 20km from Bandarawela. Dunhinda and Ravana waterfalls are closed to Demodara. Many upcountry tea factories at Demodara.

Dunhinda Waterfall of Sri Lanka

Dunhinda waterfall is big waterfall of Sri Lanka and which is at Soranathota place of Badulla Sri Lanka. Dunhinda waterfall is made by jump water with high gap of Badulu river. This water ways started with Uma Oya, Hal Oya and various water ways. Dunhinda is at Badulla - Mahiyangana road and there are about 10km from Badulla town. Dunhinda waterfalls at about 1km from main road. This path is to be walk. First you can see little Dunhinda waterfalls which is at downside of main waterfall.
Dunhinda waterfall is one of beautiful waterfall of Sri Lanka. Downside of Dunhinda there are three main water Walleyes call Randenigala, Rantambe and Randenigala. Uma oya direct to Rantambe and other two Walleyes from Mahaweli river from Kandy. Uma Oya starts at worldsend and it travels Ambewela, Nuwaraeliya, Uva Paranagama, Welimada, Attampitiya, haliela, Badulla and end with Mahaweli river.

In several years ago Badulla town is a valley. In those time there was no Dunhinda waterfalls in this place. The very big vine is blocked the way of Badulu river and there for Badulla city become big Valley. The man called Ranhawadi Dhuraya tried to remove this vine. How ever whiting several months he could cut the big vine and he was died in slept. After all the water stoked in Badulla town was flow down in this place and build a nice waterfall called Dunhinda.
Bathing in Dunhinda waterfall is very danger because downside of the fall is very deep and it contains stones. Dunhinda is very famous waterfall in world after showing the drama of "Dunhinda Addara".

Worlds end of Sri Lanka

Worlds End means the place which has highest gap in Sri Lanka. This place is situated at the border of Nuwaraeliya, Badulla and Rathnapura districts and also Horton plains which is highest plain in Sri Lanka. There has two worlds ends one of the small worlds end and other one is big worlds end. The big worlds end is higher than other gaps. You can Travel to this place via Nuwaraeliya, Pattipola, Ambewela road or via Boralanda, Ohiya road.
There is 25 km to this place from Alawathugoda village. There are a lot of beautiful places and a lot of beautiful sceneries we can see in down side of Words End at clear time. In the morning time the down side is very clear and we can see long distance and beautiful sceneries. After few hours the fully down side attack with mist. What a wonderful thing is happen now. If you see this place I trust you mutter above words. There after this place become the real Worlds End because there is nothing to see down side. You may think there is nothing world along here.
To travel to worlds end is very easy. First you want to come Horton plains via vehicle or by foot. If you get reside near Alawathugoda, Ohiya, Pattipola or near place you can travel by foot. From Horton plains you should go on foot to Worlds End. This way is 5km. When you come the way of Worlds End you met two ways. One of way go to Bakers falls and Plain way is go to worlds end.

Horton plains

The most famous place of foreigners in Sri Lanka is Horton plains because this place is very big. You haven't permission to travel every place of Horton plains because some damages to endemic plants, some burns the grass grounds, some troubles to animals or some gets liquor on the plain. These items are prohibited at Horton Plains.
A lot of rivers of Sri Lanka is started in Horton plains. Water of this place is very cold and very pure. Everyday we can see many foreigners come to this place and search animals. Leopard is endemic to this place but search the leopard is very difficult task. However some person find the secret animals and show others. Walikukula is also endemic bird lot of foreigners follow and take photos.
There has special two places and specially two Mountains to see. The places are Worlds End which which has highest gap in Sri Lanka and other place is Bakers Water fall which looks like a very beautiful princes. The two mountains are Kirigalpoththa mountain which is second highest mountain in Sri Lanka and Thotupala mountain which is third highest mountain in Sri Lanka